ATC for dallas : ) happy birthday!

Dallas is leaving tonight to spend a week or so with his dad . . . later he meets his girlfriend Liz for a family wedding in New Jersey, then down to her parent's house before they leave for their jobs as Teaching Assistants at the International School of Trieste in Italy . . . we are certainly going to miss him!!!
I recently used some punchinella (plastic sequin waste) as a decoration on an ATC called, queen of color, but this time I used the punchinella as a stencil for paint. The fortunes are from our dinner the other night and the Lp record because dallas loves music so much. When he returns next year from Italy, he plans on re-instituting his record production on the small label he founded with Ben Segal - Leisure Class records. i will be thinking of you, dallas chandler foster, and happy 25th birthday! Love, mom