me, Kathy & dan

me, kathy & dan, originally uploaded by creativelenna.

Just one of the many photos Steven & I have taken since Dallas, my youngest son has been here visiting us. Shown above is me, my sister kathy & her husband dan, at a small family party on Friday night (7/29/09) when Dallas' girlfriend Liz was here too. Both Dallas & Liz spent the last year in Italy as Teaching Assistants at the International School of Trieste! Trieste is at the top of the 'boot', next to Slovenia. Dallas works in the Library there and has been reading to the younger kids, helping them choose books, ordering more books and organizing the Library's collection. Liz works with the 9th graders and also has a computer class. They will be returning for a second school year at the end of August. WOW. To see all the photos from the party (and more of me and dallas!) follow the link to my family set on flickr! enjoy, lenna young andrews, August 2, 2009.