a sunny day

mmmmm . . . the weather cooperated and we finally made the time to take the larger of the 2 canoes we have that are hand made by my dad, out for a spin. Steven took me down to Groton, on the Connecticut shore where he had been by himself exploring last year. He found a protected area off of the New London Sound, next to Bluff Point State Park and a public boat ramp with a good put in.
I don't know if we got more comments on my dad's beautiful wooden boat and his workmanship or on the 2 dogs sitting in the middle of the canoe while steven & I paddled away . . . both are quite a sight! (smile) Coming back the current was a little strong because of the tides but Steven knows his stuff from his years of whitewater so I got good instructions, and paddled strong with a gorgeous hand made paddle, and so enjoyed. The places we stopped along the way were beautiful little coves and hot sandy beaches. Amazing sites after all this rain we've had! I've put a small slide show of our trip to your left at the top of the page. Here are a couple of my favorite photos I took:
- love that palm tree! Quite a "boaty" crowd here . . . my dad always etches in a moon & star to the boats he makes, it is the logo of a business-men's club he is a member of and where steven & I got married - The Canoe Club!
a beautiful little cove where we went ashore . . .
steven with dad's hand built canoe . . . with room for 2 people and two dogs!

a beautiful summer day!