'winged' bi-weekly lotto ATC

Sabine in Germany was the lucky winner of the crown me lotto on the ARTchix Studio yahoo group -which means, she is now receiving all the lovely art for that theme! Plus, as the winner she got to choose a new ATC theme, and she chose: winged. Tomorrow is the deadline for this bi-weekly lotto, and this in itself of course spurred me on to create something. I have been thinking about what to do almost since she announced it. This is typical for me. It is not thinking like "planning out what to do", but rather thinking about all the possibilities and what could I do with the idea of 'winged'. How could i approach it? When the deadline or an inspiring germ of an idea hits me, that is when i start. I go through a process of gathering items related to the theme, laying them out in front of me and playing with their placement until my eye is pleased. Only then do i start to actually put my art together and often my idea changes as i work and think of other things to do or to add . . .
The back was originally the front, until I discovered it did not leave enough white space in between the stamped feathers for the transparency from the Royal Inchie Bird sheet to show up! Without the white background behind it, the transparency was not clear enough for me; you could not read the words well enough. I thought about getting a new watercolor card for my ATC and starting over, but spur of the moment thought how cool to just flip it over and make that the back! Maybe I should tell you I planned it all that way, but the truth of the matter is a lot of my art has more than one creative recovery in it!

The image of the woman on my Artist Trading card is from an collage sheet of ARTchix Studio's that I cannot locate . . . it is an older collage sheet and may not be available anymore. The little wing on her shoulder is from one of the birds on the Birds on a wire sheet, which is new. I used VersaCraft ink to stamp, a staple for me whether I am working with paper or fabric. In this case it gave me rich lines (I re-ink the ink pads often) which I could heat set with a heat gun and then paint over. I used watercolor crayons (another favorite) activated with a wash of water from a Niji water brush pen. Then I added a bit of Twinkling H2Os (sparkling watercolors) to the feathers on the front only, for a little sparkle which I don't think shows up on the scan. All of the elements were "glued" down by making a sticker out of then with my xyron machine. This is my favorite way of adhering transparencies to paper. I love to finish the edges off and in this case used a sparkling blue marker . . . so, there you have how i made this ATC - enjoy! To see more of my free tutorials and online workshops take a peek at my teaching site - a little creative space : ^ ) lenna young andrews, august 17, 2009