paint, collage - part 1

This afternoon i started decorating a few plain notebooks with paint, collage, papers & ribbon . . . . and thought i would share my progress here. Most of these will be going to Tapestry Rose gifts and art in Rocky Hill, CT. More will be forthcoming!

If you know me at all, you know i love watercolor crayons! So quick and easy, and rich with color. I started with two small blank sketch books, removed the covers temporarily, and attached a piece of watercolor paper to the cover over the original printing on the cover. Then I got out my crayons and scribbled away!

Next, i took a wet brush and activated the crayons. This makes the colors pop!
After the paint dried, i ran a gold pen along the edges, and added both images and words from ARTchix Studio. Then i put the covers back in place, and wove colorful ribbons along the spine.

The notebook below was different from the first two in that the cover was not plain, but it had an image i wanted to cover up on both the front & the back. The rest of the background was fine, but the image in the middle of the front and back cover needed some altering! Here was my solution: use a section of scrapbook paper for the back cover, and add various papers plus words and images from ARTchix Studio to the front. I may or may not add anything to the spine, we'll see! I like the elegance of the gold paper with the image from the Art Nouveau collage sheet.

I hope to be back soon with more . . . tomorrow i have to go in to Stonewall Kitchen again for a few hours (to sell Jam!!) but hopefully, when i get back home i can dive in again. till then, lenna