10.25.09- 0024, originally uploaded by creativelenna.

A beautiful day, and a day that marks 5 years since I called Steven Deming at work to talk about my husband John leaving me. Steven and John had gone to school together, and Steven and I had been friends since I was 15 years old (I was 47 at the time). Little did i know when i picked up the phone that day that 3 weeks and 300 or so emails later, Steven and I would decide/know we were getting married when my divorce was final. Amazing!! Simply amazing.

While we had an Open House today we drove to Farmington to take a walk with the pups -click on the photo above to see some lovely fall photographs of CT. When we got there, it was then that I remembered that Steven had taken me to this same park and same path, 5 years ago when we were first together . . . . amazing.