The Deborah Award

My friend Sharon Borsavage, whom i only met through my art blog a very short time ago, gave me a lovely blog award today - the Deborah Award!
The Deborah award states: "Friendship isn't about who you have known the longest, but who came and never left your side." Wow! What a wonderful award, thank you! Please visit Sharon's blog: Livewire Jewelry and be ready to be amazed. Sharon does awesome mixed media work as well as fabulous jewelry and she is a most kind and enthusiastic person whom i am lucky to have for a friend. I would love to pass this award on to these art friends of mine - please don't feel that you must pass it on in turn - just enjoy! And thank you.

Tristan Robin Blakeman: Enchanted Revelry

Frieda Oxenham: Frieda Quilter

Helga Strauss: My Artistic Life

Cindy McMath: Pink Bird Studio

Here's to friends and art and love all hand in hand - lenna young andrews, October 19, 2009