part 2 - collage notebooks!

i did finally get back into my studio and worked on some collaged notebooks for a local gift shop. I want them to be simple and beautiful, and not take too much time to do because they cannot be too expensive . . . . I created three more today, relying on words and images from ARTchix, plus scrapbook papers, rubber stamps, velvet leaves and whatever else I could find that seemed to fit!
You can see all of the notebooks here in a set on my flickr account. I have 4 more i plan to decorate, maybe this weekend. It's back to Stonewall Kitchen tomorrow!

I really do enjoy doing this type of art . . . gathering items i think might work, searching for something the piece "needs" and adding to it until it feels done. it makes me happy to do this and i feel proud when i am done. Here's another thing for me to be proud of -- today i created a YouTube channel for myself -wow! In the future I would like to have videos of my lessons or at least demos of techniques. But at the moment I am getting a lot of enjoyment out of creating Animoto videos. I mentioned this earlier this week. Animoto takes photos that you choose plus music you select, analyzes it and combines it all into a very cool little video. I could share these videos on my blog or by sending you a link but i could not send you to see all the videos i created on Animoto. So, the YouTube channel was the answer to that. It is like a little web page of my videos i have created and i am sure I will add to it. yes, another web site for me, geeze. I wonder if Decklin knew what was going to happen when he created the original one!! hope you enjoy, lenna young andrews, October 1, 2009