boat racks and boxes

I am still in my studio boxing things up for our move with an occasional time-out for art for exchanges . . . more on that tomorrow. But, my studio shelves are looking quite empty now. I must say I'm moving through the work without too much distraction! There are some rubber stamps I stop and hold for a minute, saying goodbye to them for a few months, 'till we have a new home, some other stamps that I decide must be tucked into my "art for the road" box. Then there is old correspondence I've saved for years that I can't help but stop and read, shifting through stuff -deciding to let go of some . . . fabric to pick through -choosing a few small bits to take with me, images to look through and stash in my art bag, so many pieces of art to look at as I pack them, cards and gifts people have sent . . . but I have not been way-lay ed too much. Listening to music I continue to chip away at it. The pile of boxes is getting quite large now! Moving long distance to Florida means paying by the pound when it is delivered, so I am trying to make good decisions. When the studio is more packed up I will take another photo and you will be amazed. This is after giving away and selling a large part of my art supplies this spring, in preparation for now!

My husband Steven has been selling leaf blowers, snow blowers, old desks, washers and dryers to name a few; using Craigslist to clear these things out! He has given both of his brothers most of his father's sculptures and paintings and also extra tools and dive tanks he does not want to pay to move. Steven made a canoe and kayak rack today to go on top of the trailer that tows the Melonseed sailboat. My father made both the sailboat and the canoes himself out of cedar strips. We will be towing them down to him now . . . . It is so cool. See photos below.

We have secured a cottage to rent while looking for a new place - the lease is on it's way, phew. Both of my sons have asked to come visit soon after we get to Florida -one in December and the other in January, hallelujah!! That is my 'moving report' for now! I will be back with some art tomorrow. : ) yours creatively, lenna young andrews -November 10, 2009