new walks

FL-12.09., originally uploaded by creativelenna.

Wow! we are recovering from our move out of our old house and our drive down here -from CT to Florida. You will find me unpacking the few things we brought with us into our temporary rental and getting ready for my oldest son Decklin and his partner Tina to visit us next week for 4 days!!! We are all very excited. To counter-act all the stress and all the sitting we just went through -and to get the dogs and us active again, we are walking and walking! Taking a walk is quite a different experience here in Florida compared to Connecticut . . . . yowza!! There are tall palm trees, bougainvillea, herons, hibiscus and tons of different foliage . . . . i know i will enjoy walking here. It's been raining today, but that gave me time to upload my most recent photos . . . you can click on this link to see the entire set if you like!
with love, lenna young andrews - December 5th, 2009