and the winner is . . . . joy meadows!

For my 400th post i created a collage to celebrate that milestone and then offered a chance to win it, to anyone who left a comment on that 400th post! This morning I took all the commenter's names and put them in a hat, the old fashioned way, for the drawing. It is pretty funny (maybe!) that i have been wearing this same hat on our daily walks, in FLORIDA! (see a picture - 2 posts earlier) I brought it with me from CT as kind of a lark; my mom had told me it gets cold here sometimes . . .  i crocheted it myself and liked it too much to leave it, never realizing how much i would need it!! It was down in the 30's again last night and the heater in the cottage is just not equipped to handle the work load; ours has frozen up twice. ANYWAY . . . . .

I wrote everyone's name down and cut them into strips, closed my eyes, reached in and pulled out JOY MEADOWS name!!!! Congratulations, JOY!

Joy always takes time to comment on the art I share, whether it is here on the blog, through the ARTchix Yahoo Group or on my flickr photo account. Gosh, I am so, so happy i picked her name! Joy, I will send this out to you today! Thanks to everyone who commented, that was fun! lenna young andrews - January 12th, 2010