florida inspiration

i have tweaked the color a little bit, but there are tons of amazing trees like this one in the Bradenton, FL area. i find them really incredible with all the moss hanging down. In fact, all of the foliage here is so different from what i am used to; very interesting and truly inspiring to me. i snapped this photo on a walk near the cottage the other day, one of my last walks in this more 'downtown' neighborhood. Tomorrow we will be officially moving over to the rental house i showed you a photo of in the previous post, which is more 'in the country' and near a small beach where the dogs can romp. i have my work cut out for me at the new house with many, many boxes to unpack, but the home and neighborhood are both full of promise. The house seems to suit us already with it's layout and yard, and we have even met some dog-walking neighbors who were nothing but friendly, kind and entertaining! I have been working on a little bit of artwork these past few days for my sanity at the cottage, and the Colour Groupies ATCs were sent off to my friends in that group today. As soon as they are received I can share them with you. I am also in the middle of an altered book spread for a 1-1 exchange i am doing with Sharon Borsavage - yeah! Those pages will be posted here soon too. Lastly, the first swap i've hosted in a long time has 30 participants registered and some wonderful entries in already - you can follow it here!  : ^ ) lenna young andrews January 18, 2010