new year - new swap!

Happy New Year! 
To start out the new year I am hosting a 4 for 4 ATC swap (fabric or paper or BOTH) based on the theme, Love Gone Wild! You can read all about it and also register on my creative swaps blog.
Registration will be limited to 40 participants and the swaps are due Feb.15th, so don't delay too long! If you have never done a creative swap before, they are a lot of fun and very well-organized (so I've heard!) I 'll send you a mini-lesson (pdf file) of materials with your registration ($5) and the art work for my hosted swaps has always been really top-notch. Check out some of the past swaps on the blog!
I am offering this collage below made on the same theme, as a randomly chosen prize for anyone who participates in and completes the swap:

This is a 4" x 4" collage layered on top of a slightly larger piece of decorative scrapbook paper. I chose images from Vintage Image Madness, and ARTchix Studio and free images I found online. The woman with her hands in her hair in the middle of the piece is actually an ATC I had made previously but never used. It was still in my art bag. I found some old text from a letter and rotated the position of these items around until I had something that pleased me. I used an unmounted quote from the rubber stamp company I used to own, (LennaLines) "A man's kiss is his signature" and stamped this separately on a scrap of white card stock so it would show up nicely. I used other rubber stamps (CatsLife Press, etc) both before and after I glued everything in place. I also used a small cats eye chalk ink pad in chestnut brown to age the edges of all the elements. My husband was amazed at what I could come up with working out of only a bag and a box -personally, I can't wait till the moving  truck comes! You can click on the image for more detail. 
(edit 1/2/10) There are now THREE Prizes for this swap and gifts for everyone! Vintage Image Madness has volunteered to sponsor the swap by donating small packets of their wonderful images for each player, PLUS giving a free monthly subscription for one month (usually $25) to the Vintage Image Madness website for unlimited downloads.  Anyone who completes the swap will have a chance to win (via a random drawing) a 4" x 4" collage created by Lenna - shown on the creative swaps blog and another random drawing will be held for the unlimited download subscription. Additionally, one participant will be chosen for the most creative ATC artwork and this person will be awarded free participation in the next creative swap! ALL participants will receive a small gift. I am looking forward to a new year with you, filled with art. Check out the creative swaps blog when you have time!
lenna young andrews ~ January 1st, 2010