skinny book pages for Trinka

Here is the second front and back "skinny page" that I've ever made as part of the 'Oh My Gothic' yahoo group. Go to this previous post to read more about the group and the exchange: new exchange: skinny pages. The page here is for Trinka Seals in Alabama who had 'Artist's Choice' as a theme, but noted that she liked Maps, Numbers, and Faces of Women. I will start with a close up of the top of the front page . . . Click on the scans for more detail.
This is a fabric page this time, using fabric I hand painted this summer for another project on the banks of the St. Lawrence River, Wolfe Island, Ontario Canada. The image above is from Alpha Stamps. Here is the entire front page, 4" x 8". 
Below is a detail of the wine glass charm i added. It was getting a bit rusty after washing the glass because of the metal tag I added. Steven thought we shouldn't use it anymore on the glass, so i put it in my art room . . . . 
it was karma that it ended up on Trinka's page, i guess!

I collaged and layered fabrics until I was happy with the arrangement and then started sewing pieces to the hand painted background fabric with my machine. When I had finished all of the sewing, I fused the front and back fabrics to a heavy interfacing called "fast 2 fuse". I had never used this before but picked some up because my friend Frieda Oxenham often talks of it, or something similar! I enjoyed using it. I could do my work separately on the fabrics, and then iron it to a sturdy base. voila'! Here's the other side:
Machine stitching, tiny Starfish, a Canadian "Toonie" and brass gears from ARTchix Studio. Below a close up of a gel medium transfer onto fabric printed with computer code. I did this front & back.

yes! hidden treasures can be found in art exchanges! I am happy to have the commitment to create a skinny page monthly for another artist on a theme of their choice, and receive from a different artist based on my theme of Love. Earlier this month I received a gorgeous fabric shinny page from Trudi Sissons in Alberta, Canada and Heather Robinson will be adding a page to my collection for February! lenna young andrews - February 13, 2010