getting distracted is sometimes good

While unpacking more boxes that belong to my studio (c'mon, I've only had them here for 2 months!) I came across all kinds of things i have forgotten about. One thing I found today was a printed out copy of this photo below of my husband Steve, our friend Garth -whom we have both known since we were 14 or 15 years old, and my first husband, John. They all went to school together in Connecticut in the 70's. This photo was taken in 1980, when we were all renting a house together. Garth unearthed this photo in 2004 and sent it to me at that time, affectionately giving it a title of "Lenna's Boyfriends" . . . geeeeeze, Garth! : ^ ) I should add that when this photo was taken, I was married to John. Garth had been my boyfriend when I was 15. When Garth sent the picture in 2004, I was engaged to marry Steven!!
When I found this extra printed-out copy today while unpacking, I just could not help but do something with it. To tell you the truth, it was really fun to create something just for me, and just because I felt like it! I used rubber stamps and a small photo of me taken at the same time, to create the piece. I also sponged on a bit of white paint and found I am learning where I have stashed everything in my new studio! 

Steven looks like such a babe, well - Garth & John - and I do too . . .  
This was 30 years ago!

This new piece I did has joined some others on my closet door. As you can see, I am getting settled in to my new studio. Those are my son Dallas' drawings. He did them when he was 5 years old, so I have only saved them for 20 years now and moved them numerous times... but they sure make me smile! 
lenna young andrews - march 27, 2010