Goddess -Sunday Postcard Art #2 and #3

On Sunday Postcard Art, the theme is Goddess! I had more than one idea, so I made 2 postcards. The first is a gel medium transfer onto fabric, of a ink jet print of a painting by Sir Frank Dicksee called Miranda. I think is so beautiful and very goddess-like -click on the scan for more details.
I added watercolor crayon after adhering the fabric piece to a postcard base. The words are a rubber stamp, an old favorite from the Moon Rose. I was very happy with how this turned out, but still wanted to make a more personal entry for this challenge as well. Below is my "Goddesses" postcard featuring left to right: My mother, me, my mom again with her mother, next, the same grandmother at a younger age and then, my father's mother. All Goddesses!
What a great theme! thank you sunday postcard art and happy Mother's day to those in the UK!
lenna young andrews - March 14, 2010