4x4 swap + a future swap!

Today was the deadline for all the 4x4 pieces for our roads+paths swap on my creative swaps blog to be delivered to me. I have chosen Valerie Cowan as the most creative (see below) and she will receive FREE registration to the next creative swap of her choosing!

Valerie Cowan's winning artwork!
To view a beautiful little slide show video that shows a sampling of all of the participant's artwork, please go here.  Enjoy!! I will be announcing a new swap on the creative swaps blog next week. It is going to be a Tag swap (8 for 8) where you can choose any size tag (within reason!) and then choose a color to work with of your choice. Make sure you have a word - a quote - a lyric or a poem on each of your tags and then send them to me. They can be fabric or paper Tags. I will put the swaps together and create a Tag Book for each participant including a cover I make myself and send it back to you. More details & sign-ups on the creative swaps blog next week! I'm looking forward to this . . . lenna young andrews - April 24th, 2010