April 5, 2010: Four months in Florida

I'd say it has definitely warmed up here in Florida! For the longest time I was wearing sweatpants and sweaters constantly-in Florida!! I think this was the coldest winter here in the Bradenton area in a long time, with temps in the 40's and 50's for weeks. These days it's usually in the 70's or even 80's!
We are acclimating . . .
I am not really sure how this happened, but last week I got a new computer AND a new camera at the same time, yikes! So much to learn! I have been learning all kinds of new things including a new operating system -Windows 7, plus new camera functions -HOW does this work???! But I'm managing, learning and very happy with my new laptop- a Dell Vostro and the new photo manager I've acquired. The quality of the new camera - Olympus Stylus- is beyond compare to my last one. A great thing was that Steven really wanted a pocket-size camera for his canoe trips, so it all worked out perfectly -he took my Nikon. Steve is continuing to paddle a lot in the single man canoe my dad made for him in 2006, and he absolutely loves it here . . .
He's gotten quite relaxed since we moved and we both say this is a good thing!
Steven and my dad are working their way through refinishing the nine boats my dad made in the 1990's and early 2000's. They just finished the 15.5 ft melonseed sailboat Dad built in 1994-95. Now it has new ropes (and knots too, i might add) hardware, epoxy, varnish . . . wow, it is really SHIP-shape! Here's my dad yesterday, with his "Wind Dancer" -
Besides learning my way around all my new electronics, I have continued to create a lot of art for challenges and swaps which feed my creative side, walk, and ride my bike daily, take a lot of photos, host my own swaps and teach online; I have a student currently working through 5 lessons with me for the Mini ART Quilt Book workshop! We visit with my parents most every day after walking and Steven is often there more often for the boat work. Oh how he hates that -Not!! I have stared to ride my bike to the Post Office to pick up the mail and I so enjoy it; riding along, I definitely feel about 12 years old, not 53!! : )

I am looking forward to your swap packages!

Today at DeSoto Memorial National Park, I took this photo -I think it shows the quality of the new Olympus:
Well, this leafy composition is kind of a different photo, but I like the "trueness" of it, if you know what I mean. Click on any of these photos for more details. Below is another example of the beauty that surrounds me and I experience every day -I am so very lucky! It is very inspiring to me.

How is your Spring so far?
I hope all is well, you are making time for creative pursuits and find you are blooming like wild! -lenna young andrews, April 5th, 2010