song lyric ATCs

Here is a triptych ATC made for the bi-weekly lotto on the newly founded ARTchix Play Group. A triptych means it has three sections; and this one folds up to ATC size: "2.5" x 3.5". I chose the song Bluebird, sung by my all-time favorite musical artist: Ms. Bonnie Raitt.
front of Triptych ATC, folded
All images are ARTchix Studio.
Triptych open, from the back
Triptych ATC open from the front, with the lyrics shown 
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 Song lyric ATCs are a popular theme! I am participating in Marion Bockelmann's Beatle's or Stones songs ATC swap, and you can see my entries here on a previous post if you missed them. I made an extra one for Marion, which I did not show until now as I was waiting for her to receive it . . .

This one is similar to another one I made and gave to a friend!

And I am also participating in a Bob Dylan song lyrics swap through the ATCs for ALL site -wow! I have found that I really enjoy working with song lyrics as a theme . . . so much so, that lyrics are one of the options in my Tag Book swap for the words portion!

We are heading into the month of May - have a great day! 
lenna young andrews, April 30, 2010