the birds still visit . . .

We do not see the large birds in our yard as often as we did in February or March when it was colder, but we still see them and they are still amazing to me. The temperatures here are more normal for Florida now: in the 70's - 80's during the day - sometimes up into the 90's. I would bet that the Great Blue Heron, the Wood Stork and the Great White Egret that came looking for food in our yard when it was cold, have a lot more natural food available to them now. I never fed these birds when they came to us and I still won't, but I have seen people in the neighborhood feeding them in their yards and I am guessing that the previous tenants in  this house did feed them too. The other day we had a visitor to our yard . . .
a beautiful great white egret
And also on a recent walk I saw a great blue heron on the roof of a neighborhood home:

so amazing!!
We live in an interesting little neighborhood with many tiny one way streets, mostly manufactured homes and two streets of houses. We can walk a couple of blocks down the street to a tiny park with a tiny beach right on the Palma Sola Bay. Steven launches his canoe there quite often and the other day it was so hot we met him at the beach after his paddling trip for a swim in the shallow water. Chloe only wades a bit, but Asia went right in swimming with us, and sat on the picnic table afterwards!!


When Steven is not restoring boats with my father he is often paddling . . . their latest project is a windmill sailboat Steven picked up for free, that basically needs to be gutted:

This is my parent's garage, but they have now secured a workshop space!

You can often find Steven in a beautiful spot just like this, in one of my father's hand made boats!
This gives me ample time to create, talk to my mom, and together we visit both of my parents, walk, and swim. I am counting my blessings, that is for sure. lenna young andrews - may 8th, 2010 - happy birthday to my Nonie, my father's mom, who is not here with us on this earth any more. Still in my heart, i feel her love. xo