chandler is magic -part 1

Soon after we moved to the home we are renting here in Florida, we met our neighbors Bean & Chandler. They were both so friendly and welcoming! The first day we met them at a community picnic, they invited Steven and I over to their home later that day, to meet some of our other neighbors. Chandler then surprised us by doing a bit of his professional magic and mind illusion act. He describes it on his web site: as "magic as entertainment" and it most certainly is! Here is a short video of a small part of Chandler's show - the rings - that was shot by my husband Steven, in Chandler & Bean's backyard! Chandler has been delighting people all over the world for 25 years on stage, television, comedy clubs and corporate events . . . I like to think of this show as a special neighborhood engagement!

I wanted to do something special for Bean & Chandler because of their kindness. I thought a long time about what I might make and collected some related things. I visited Chandler's web site and copied a few photos of him, I made color copies of playing cards (he uses these a lot) and especially one card Steven had signed that ended up as part one of the shows Chandler has done for us. We have seen him do his illusions a number of times now and each time he floors me even more with his incredible talent!! It is truly amazing. I can only upload a 100 MB video here, so what you see above with the rings is just a tiny part of what Chandler does. 

I wanted to add photos of what I made for them in this same post, but it is not allowed with the upload of this video included here - so i will make a second post for that!