Chestnut and Fern

Debby's CROPPED for detail, originally uploaded by creativelenna.

Above is a close-up of one of the Fabric ATCs I made for the "Color Groupies" May combo of chestnut + fern. We did get a little creative with the naming of our color combos this year I'll admit; next, I will be working on Campari and Orange! Frieda Oxenham, who is part of this group along with Debby and Caryl, actually sent me a photo of a bottle of Campari when I told her I did not know the color!!

These ATCs were started as a larger piece of fabric and netting, to which batting was placed behind, while I sewed various stitches in a random fashion. I will add some photos below to show my progression.

fabric, netting and batting pinned together
lots of stitching!
my ATC "sandwich"
sewn together

Adding color - it needed more "chestnut"!

made for Caryl - images from Alpha Stamps

made for debby

made for frieda

This one was made for me to keep. Caryl's, Frieda's
and Debby's chestnut and fern ATCs for me,
will join mine in a special Colour Groupies album.
A close up view of mine - click for more details.
I hope you enjoyed this peek at how I made them!