Cover: Vintage GlueBook class

Cover: Vintage GlueBook class, originally uploaded by creativelenna.

I am taking a wonderful online class taught by Mary Green, of Green Paper!
I don't really remember how I found Mary's blog, but probably when visiting another blog and seeing a link. I found some lovely vintage images offered on Green Paper for free and I was intrigued that Mary also offered online workshops. I bookmarked her blog. A short while later, my friend and student, Sharon Walworth told me she had taken one of Mary's Artist classes; a collection of projects by different artists. I also saw some beautiful samples Sharon had made while gathering things and getting ready for the vintage gluebook class. That was it! I signed up for Your Vintage GlueBook class. I am so glad I did! Usually, I am the teacher and recently I have been busy working privately with a number of students learning both collage on canvas and the mini art quilt book. But it is so much fun to be a student instead!

I am enjoying TAKING this class very much. It is a challenge for me because I do not usually use vintage items exclusively, nor do I typically work with just paper and glue (that is the idea behind gluebooks). If you have visited my blog for even a short time, you know I will often add paint, stamping, ink, fabric, watercolor crayons, found objects, whatever I can get my hands on! So far, the Vintage GlueBook class makes me work harder to create some different pieces (for me). Mary's instructions are very good and I highly recommend this class. Even though the class began on Sunday, there are still lots more lessons and you can join at any time. The "class blog" will remain open for 7 months after the end of class - through December 31st. Cool! Maybe I'll see you there!

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lenna's pages in mary's 'your vintage gluebook' class