lenna in Renee's ANATOMY AB, originally uploaded by creativelenna.
Here is a closer look at one of my spreads in Renee Stockfleth's tiny little altered book (3.5" x 5.5") with a theme of ANATOMY. I added to the original drawing I found with water soluble pastels. I usually work with water color crayons, but my pastels had the white color stick I was looking for, and the crayons did not. The pastels are different from the crayons, more wax-like I'd say, and blend differently with water. I also used 2 other pastels in shades of brown and . . . wow! It worked out well. I was pleased with the look I created which emphasized what was already there in the drawing.

This is a Round Robin and I am sending Renee's book home to her - I am the last artist in the group to work in her book. Because of that, I had a big desire to fill up most of the pages that were left to be altered so her book would be complete when she receives it. Plus, the pages were very small, so it was not a daunting task! I left one blank spread for her to art up- Or, she can easily glue those 2 pages together and her book will be completely finished!! My book will also return home next week and I have heard along the way that it is FAB! The beginning photos of my altered book are also in the same album where you'll find all the art I have done in the other participant's altered books.... you can view a lovely slideshow of all my pages for Renee, and what I did in all the other books, here: Altered Books slideshow.