Tristan's Gift!

Gosh, it is unusual for me to go a week without posting . . .  but there it is! Not to worry, everything is fine. My dad is doing as well as anyone could be who is dealing with liver cancer. He is still off chemotherapy for the time being, which is a blessing. His most recent tests showed the last round of chemo had knocked the cancer down a lot. My mom is hanging in there through everything and we are here to help. Steven and I are fine too! We took a couple of days off and went to Siesta Key, Florida for our 5th wedding anniversary. Boy, was that fun! So great to spend that time together and re-connect. I am sure some of you remember, or perhaps even helped to create for our wedding -Stars, ATCs or even collages, in June of 2005. We always remember that and in fact, went over some of our wedding and courtship things while we were away  : ^ ) 5 years! wow.

I also had a number of art pieces I was working on that I could not share with you at the time, so there were no posts! As the title of this post suggests, Tristan's gift was one of those things I was working on. I wanted him to receive it before I revealed what I made.
Tristan Robin Blakeman and I have know each other through the sharing of our art for a few years now. When I reached 500 posts on this blog and had a related give-away, Tristan entered my drawing and won the prize: “Art by me, made for YOU!” As I noted in an earlier post, I was a little nervous about what to create for Tristan. But with reassurance from him - "I have no ideas or instructions LOL. I really admire all your work, and anything you make just for me will be a treasure to me! Thank you so much! Tristan".
I got an idea for something different that he might like and got to work! I created handmade envelopes and cards for Tristan that I thought he might enjoy . . . . . click on any one for details.

I have an envelope template -makes it easy with double sided paper!

back of envelope with card

photo removed from pocket -pocket matches envelope

yes, this is Tristan! Not sure why his hair is like this, but I LOVE it! 
He shared this photo with the colour groupies a while ago.

another envelope, front

back of envelope, card

another envelope made from an old CT calendar

the same envelope and card

I thought the sayings I stamped were quite appropriate!

this envelope did double-duty! I sent it to Tristan, but used the scan
as part of my Alpha Stamps Guest Design Team requirement.

same envelope and card to match -
I thought this would appeal to Tristan's quilting sensibilities.

last one -front of envelope

back of envelope

envelope and card

Now, even though Tristan was a bit under the weather, he promptly wrote to me after receiving these treats and said . . .

"You can (and should!) share my treasures with others!!!

Lenna, they're absolutely FABULOUS! I love them!

The slogan and the photos are hysterical - you're too clever by half!
I'm going to hang on to these for a long, long time ... and then send them to special friends for special occasions ... and I know they're going to be as enchanted by them as I am! Thank you so much - I'm sure all the prizes are marvelous - but I bet mine is the bestest of all!!! (They actually arrived a few days ago ... but I just couldn't type. But I'm on the mend sorta!)

Thanks again - you're a doll!"

-I am very happy! 
It was my pleasure, Tristan!! 
I've decided to give away prizes like that more often! I also have more to catch up on . . .  catch you back here soon, lenna