Vintage GlueBook spread 6-22-10

I finally got back to my Vintage GlueBook pages! I did this spread in the same journal I started in the class I took, and then for fun I started working in a smaller 3 1/2" x 5 1/2" moleskin journal that my instructor Mary Green likes. It was really different! The original journal I was working in for the online class (which is shown here) is larger, 5" x 8". To see the work in the smaller journal, click here.

The small b+w photos are of me at around age 20, some 30 years ago!! I took photo booth pics of myself and xeroxed them (that is what you said in those days!) for an art class project. Can you imagine that I still have them around? They were in my Art class drawing pad for a long while until I moved them to one of my collage boxes where I obviously put them to use! : ) lenna young