creative swaps

If you are not familiar with it, creative swaps is my other blog, for art swaps. This is where right now, you can view beautiful postcards and ATCs on a garden variety theme that have been sailing into my mailbox lately. With 50 participants registered for the swap, I am really happy to have the swap art arrivals spread out over the summer! For everyone's enjoyment and inspiration I scan and post the swap artwork as it comes in. I like to do this for my art swaps and found I am not the only one who enjoys it! If you'd like to see what has come in for our Alpha Stamps garden variety swap (now closed for registration) please hop over to creative swaps.

Once there, you can sign up to keep track of what's going on by heading to the sidebar of the blog. You can "follow" the blog via Google or sign up with Feedblitz to receive posts as a Newsletter email sent right to your mailbox. I'm mentioning this because I have a new swap brewing that will be announced soon. Everyone so enjoyed our previous swap, a Tag Book swap; especially the return of the “book” of tags. When this swap was completed we emailed each other about doing another similar swap. One of my participants, Sharon Walworth came up with a "technique" idea on tags, which everyone loved!

Preparing for this swap is what is occupying me right now, besides looking for a house for Steven and me! I have been culling over technique ideas - making samples on tags just like the ones we’ll use, and writing instructions. I'll share a photo of one of the many simple but beautiful technique ideas I'm working on for our Tag Technique swap; two acrylic paint backgrounds.


The idea behind this swap is that I will write a mini workshop with technique ideas to be included in the registration. If you join the swap/receive the pdf, you could try one or more of the techniques - if you you like - on 10 tags for the swap. Of course, you do not have to use any of the techniques illustrated by me, you could choose your own technique or techniques to use.

Everyone who registers for the swap would need to purchase and use the Envelopes & Tags Book from Alpha Stamps – The tags you see above in my sample fit into envelopes that make pages of a book. The set comes complete with  the loose leaf rings to bind the pages/envelopes with tags inside! Even if you choose one technique for all 10 of your own pages, through the swap you will receive in return a book of 10 tags & envelopes (both decorated) with 10 different techniques including one Tag of your own! This is just a sneak peek at what will be up next at creative swaps. Hope to see you in a creative art swap of mine soon; they are great fun!

p.s. I am hankering to work in my Sketchbook and start that project – oooh!! My friend Frieda is really inspiring me to do so! I may finish up this prep first, but will be onto it soon and share my art here! In the meantime, check out the Sketchbook Project 2011. Maybe you will join us?? It looks so promising!