shades of white skinny page

close up of one side for Leslie
I am lucky to be in an group where every month we exchange 4" x 8" skinny book pages made for each other. We base what we do on the theme picked by who we are creating for. For July, I was assigned to make a page for Leslie Anderson, whose theme is "shades of white, with a splash of color". She loves vintage, old lace, textures, watches, birds, numbers and sparkles. I tried to include a bunch of what she loves!

I started by gathering shades of white, different textures and a splash of color.

I started sewing one side (top) after playing with the placement of things
and you can see how I was planning the second side on the bottom. 

I added a surprise! some neighborhood ibis . . .

Now they are sewn together with cardboard in the middle for support.

Thanks for the great theme, Leslie! I loved being able to work horizontally. This was the first time I had that opportunity in this exchange and it was a lovely change. To view all of my posts on the skinny pages I've made so far, click on this link and it will take you there. Next up for me, in August, is Debby Harriettha. Her theme is "Express Yourself -Artists' choice!" She loves vintage and colorful, so I will be thinking on that! Hope you are taking time to make some art this weekend. : ^)