This is not a sketchbook!

Not too long ago, I signed up for the Sketchbook Project and found out afterwards that my friend in Scotland, Frieda Oxenham has signed up too. We had never spoken about it, what synchronicity! I am very happy about this because seeing her work for this project already has spurred me on to get started. Follow the link above, or click on the Sketchbook Project badge in the side bar to learn more about this exciting international project, which includes a tour of the sketchbooks around the USA and then becoming part of the permanent collection of the Brooklyn Art Library. As of this writing there are about 6,100 sketchbooks claimed and the project is still open to join. The Art House Co-op is behind this huge project and many others, creating "massive, international art projects that tie thousands of artists together – and anyone can participate". This sounds really good to me! I want to thank Sharon Walworth for knowing I would be interested in this and sharing the link with me. I'm also so glad that Mary Green, my talented instructor from the Your Vintage GlueBook class class has signed up for the project too!

I chose the theme: This is not a sketchbook. I thought that would give me a lot of freedom. Each book comes with it's own bar code which must remain in place no matter how much you alter the book. You really can do whatever you like, there are only a few sensible rules!

This moleskin notebook is larger and taller than the one I have been working in for my GlueBook pages. 

After working in the smaller moleskin book tonight and talking the project over with my husband, I feel ready to actually start working in my Sketchbook Project 2011- called that because the sketchbooks wil be touring the country in 2011. You can catch my posts here on the blog or check out my portfolio on the art house co-op page to follow along with my progress. How about joining us? Check it out!! It will be an awesome challenge and so much fuN!