chalk, shape ~ Collage Coterie

This spread in my tiny moleskine journal (3 1/2" x 5") shows my responses to Mary Green's lessons 2 and 3 in the online class I'm taking, Collage Coterie.
I have the 'shape in collage' part of Lesson 3 and the 'chalk & charcoal' portion of lesson 2, all wrapped up into one moleskine journal spread! ; ^ )
I did not have any chalk on hand or even a charcoal pencil, until yesterday when I took a Zentangle class and had a chance to buy some supplies. Mary's Lesson on shape today had me wanting to try this spread. Ever since I saw the image of the woman on the rock, back in Lesson one, I wanted to cut her out and round the shape some more. I realize now looking back, that I have copied Mary's example in the lesson with the round shape of the woman & the rectangular postcard! (Great minds think alike?? I think so!).
I had some trouble sharpening my charcoal pencil, and can't remember the best way to do it since it's been so long since I used one. Does anyone have any hints? (it kept crumbling while I was sharpening and not making a point). Must say I enjoyed playing with both the chalks and the charcoal today.

Note: The background paper in this spread is a real page from an 1898 Vintage Garden catalog and I loved using the real thing. Must admit I did copy it first though, for future use!! Collage Coterie is still open for registration, Click here to view more details - it is a fantastic class!