found typography (in my sketchbook)

I decided to try Michelle Ward's Green Pepper Press Street Team challenge again. This month the theme is Text messaging or you could say ~ found typography: words and phrases as a background for your page. Pretty cool! I don't usually do this type of collage or background so I decided to try. My 5.5" x 8.5" moleskine (theme: this is not a sketchbook!) - the one I'm using for the sketchbook project 2011, seemed like just the right place to try this technique out -click on the scan for detail.  

I started as Michelle suggested and browsed through magazines, grabbing (snipping) lines of text. Actually, I only used 2 magazines, one current 2010 and one circa 1971. That was fun! I wonder if you can pick out which lines came from what year . . . . I arranged the words quickly once I had gathered them and used a glue stick to secure them to my moleskine. Then I got out my watercolor crayons. Let's admit it, I rarely put them away!! I filled in the spaces in between and around the edges and when I was done with that decided my background needed just a bit more - a bit of rubber stamping. Done! fun!