lesson 1 collage coterie

lesson 1 collage coterie, originally uploaded by creativelenna.
A completed spread in my very small (3.5 x 5.5") moleskin journal. This was done for the 'small packages' prompt within Lesson 1 in Mary Green's Collage Coterie class = click here to learn more. This class is fabulous, as I expected, after taking Mary's Vintage Gluebook class. It is also really fun to have friends from around the world, in the class learning and sharing with me. In the first lesson Mary discusses the importance of 'size' in collage and teaches us a blended paper background which I really love. I trimmed most of the paper from my ripped paper pieces to the size of the page, but not all - see my top left page. I like the way it stuck out and so I left it there! I tried using smaller & larger bird images to see the effect, while striving to keep my eye happily moving around the page. I love Mary's teaching format!

(edit 8-18-10) I am adding a photo of the other side of the page where I did not trim the blended paper technique (on the right from this side). i think you'll really see why I left it that way . . . click for detail:

more on this page spread done earlier can be found HERE.