The official launching of Starfish and goodbye to dallas!

Tuesday morning, before my son Dallas left us to rejoin his fiancé Liz, he helped Steven with the "official" launching of the sailboat 'Starfish'.  My dad and Steven have been rebuilding this boat these past few months and it is now finished. It has had sea trials and even a solo shake-down cruise! All that was left was the "official" launch. There wasn't any wind Tuesday morning, but that did not deter these two. They took Starfish to the 59th St boat ramp nearby my parent's, launched the  boat and then paddled with my dad's handmade paddles from the manatee river into the Warner's West Bayou where my parents live. I spied them coming down the bayou!

I told my mom & dad they were on their way and we went down to the dock to meet them.
There's Dallas and Steven in Starfish. Steven says it paddles like a dream!
 My dad meets them at the dock.
Here is Steven  :    ^ )  No, I have not gone in the boat myself, yet!
Asia hopped in though! *Star fish is "officially" launched!* 

Then, it was time to take Dallas to the airport. Have you ever seen the Sunshine Skyway bridge before??

It is amazing! 

At the airport, the puppies say, 'Dallas is leaving already??"
i say, "love you dallas, hope you can visit us in January!!"