sketchbook 05: birds of a feather

sketchbook05-1, originally uploaded by creativelenna.
This is a close up, cropped section of one spread of pages I just completed in my sketchbook -part of the sketchbook project 2011. I have been busy with other things the past few days and was itching to work in here again. I ended up completing 2 spreads! If you click on the scan above it will bring you to my flickr account where you can see more of this page and others. I have even set up an album just for the sketchbook project. The other spread I completed today is below. I turned the moleskin sideways to feature more of the map:

I was inspired by this map of Florida that my friend Cindy McMath in BC, Canada had kindly sent to me with her swap pieces not too long ago. I had saved it in easy view of my eyes so I would not forget about it. When I wanted to do a spread in my sketchbook, it was the perfect background. Thank you, Cindy!! I started out with doing gel medium transfers right on top of the map but I did not really like how they came out -not clear enough. To save these transfers I printed the images I used out on a transparency another time and layered them on top of the gel medium transfer. There! Another creative recovery! The image of our dogs and Bradenton are both straight transparencies. The ones of Steven and I, the truck and the GPS are transfers layered with transparencies! phew. It was good creative fun working in this sketchbook. I had no idea I was going to be journaling as I have never kept an art journal before. Some people would probably think that doing this is a little crazy as I am sending this stetchbook off never to be seen again! (It will be cataloged into The Brooklyn Art Library system) But it seems right for me to do this so I am letting it FLY!!! Check out my page on the art house co-op page, organizer and sponsor of the sketchbook project. You'll find some other artists there who are participating too!