starfish comes home

Today was the first time the boat Steven has been working on comes home -finished!

we named the boat STARFISH - here it is with a Tyvek boat cover
It looks so good! My dad and Steven worked hard on this! (and had fun)

This cracked me up! (we are NOT getting royalties!)

I shared my new sketchbook spreads with Steven after he set Starfish up

some of the feathers he gathered & gave to me

Our art

secret storage under the seats!

a drink holder! He thought of everything!!

very cool . . . 

The first launching will be on sunday - Sea Trials, Steven says! 

Remember, this is what the boat looked like BEFORE -click for detail (there are holes!)

All the photos and information about the project are here and 
a beautiful slideshow of the boats progression is here, if you prefer. 
lenna & steven 
August 6th, 2010