almost there

our new house is almost ready for us . . .
The overhead lights in the studio are newly installed - perfect.
 My new studio space looks awesome! Thanks again to Steven and my dad.

Chloe and Asia like it too . . . they have had dinner there a few times!
The orange walls are being transformed, thank you Steven! It is much lighter and brighter.
"why are they doing all this cleaning & painting?? mmmm, resting is so much better."
The first piece of mail/package I received, from my dear friend, Frieda!!
A 'Home Sweet Home' doorstop : )) so sweet of her, sent all the way from Scotland!
Yes, our new mailbox is THAT big!! creative swaps, you know . . . . 
Ahh, I think it feels like a wonderful home all ready! I am down to the nitty gritty of last minute packing up and there's not much left to do in that respect either. Steven has more painting to do, but he is doing a fantastic job, is almost done, and we have 2 days left before the move. Now, unpacking! That is another story . . .  Till next time! lenna