Decorum: Treatise on Etiquette & Dress

Decorum is the handmade book I put together for Lesson 4 as part of the online workshop I am taking with Mary Green called Collage Coterie. For Lesson 5, which included a prompt of 'Vintage Memories' and instructions on packing tape transfers, I did my first page in this handmade book. Something about the title, Decorum and the packing tape transfer I did of a Model A Ford led me to choose this particular photo of my brother in law's wedding in 1981. It was already printed out by me or Steven (I do not remember) and in one of my collage boxes! After I completed this page I showed it to my husband Steven; he is pictured far right. He immediately picked up on the words on the top of the opposite page, "ill bred" and asked if I planned the page spread this way, ha! : ) This was made for Lesson 5 of Mary Green's Collage Coterie Online Workshop which is currently running and you can join in at any time. It is a great resource for anyone who wants to learn more about collage and receive wonderful & inspiring prompts to really kick-start your art-making! I highly recommend Mary's on-line workshops-they have been so invigorating for me. Click here to view more details about the class. Below is a close-up of the page which shows more detail of the packing tape transfer. I used watercolor crayons, gold pigment powder and a white pencil to accent Steven's white tux. 1980's ~ ooh la la! Steven and I were friends then, but we did not marry until 2005!