garden variety swap is complete!

Cat Dodt Ellis won most creative ATC!

Just yesterday, I finished sending out the returns for the Alpha Stamps Garden variety swap I hosted, due last Saturday. This was the largest swap I ever hosted, with 49 participants including me, wow! The artwork that came in for this exchange was truly wonderful, and a first time swap for many. In order to showcase something from each participant, I have created a short animoto video well worth watching. View it by clicking on this link: creative swaps -which will take you there directly.

I really enjoy making animoto videos. It is fairy easy to do if you are comfortable with uploading files. How it turns out really depends on the photos and music you choose, the order of the photos, and of course the effects animoto uses. If you don't like it, you can edit it! This one came out well on the first try - check it out! I hope you enjoy.

Sabine Schneider won 1st prize for most creative postcard -it opens!