it is happening

The bedroom & bath floors are being tiled at the new house (thanks to dave)  . . . the cabinets and counter in my new studio space are finished and in place (thank you, steven!!) . . . and my studio here in our rental house is completely packed up in boxes - it is really amazing! Yes, I admit, I still have the kitchen and our bedroom to pack, but c'mon, my studio is done? That is always the hardest part!
Asia at our rental home today while I was packing.
I think she knows something is up!
Steven installing cabinets for me in my studio space at the new house.  xoxoxo
I love this man! 
The living room was already tiled and now holds the supplies for the other rooms.
The orange walls will be painted before we move in on Monday, phew!
Tiles are mostly done in all the bedrooms . . . waiting for grout. 
Asia & Chloe: I brought one of their beds to the new house so they could be more comfy.
I also moved my sewing machine and various other odd-shaped things that do not pack well in boxes, over to the new house today. There are a ton of shelves in the garage!

That is my update. We are all doing well. And, it is so easy to go to my mom & dad's from our new house, I am totally in love with that too!