mango and ivory

mangos from my parent's yard, originally uploaded by creativelenna
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The photo I took above of the mangoes in a bowl, which were picked from trees in my parent's yard in Bradenton, Florida, is how I got started working on my mango and ivory ATCs for an exchange. This was for the Colour Groupies exchange; which includes myself, Frieda Oxenham, Debby Harriettha and Caryl Hoobler. Each month the four of us make ATCs to trade with each other based on a predetermined color combination. When I saw that 'Mango & Ivory' were the colors for August, at the same time the mangoes were dropping off the trees here, I thought somehow I would use a real mango in my creations.

for Debby Harriettha

the back of the ATC

I printed some of my photos onto textured, watercolor paper with my inkjet pinter, then spritzed and dripped water onto the printer ink to manipulate and change the print a bit. Then I brushed on ivory paint and sprinkled a bit of gold pigment powder onto the wet paint. Next I rubber stamped the name of the color combo on the ATCs with permanent ink. All of the ATCs for the exchange were basically the same, except for mine. 

august 2010 Color Groupies exchange: mango & ivory
a slice of Florida mango!

ATC for me!