new home

Just a note to let you know the closing for our new home on Tuesday morning went fine. Probably the easiest one we ever did. Hmmmm, don't ask Steven how many times we have moved since we got married only 5 years ago, or he'll launch into one of his stories complete with full regalia! Truthfully, if you count his move out of a condo and into my house in 2005, this will be our 5th move -ugh, I know. Too much moving! Now, we did move 1500 miles the last time and into a rental house, so that should have some bearing on this exceptionally large number. No matter, we are now the happy owners of a great little house in NW Bradenton that is delightfully a few short minutes drive from my parent's house that we hope to stay in for a nice long while.

We have not actually moved there yet, moving day is the 20th of Sept. We are using this time to paint the walls, rip up the rugs, have someone tile the bedroom floors, install studio cabinets (thank you, steven!) and have the electrician over. I am packing up boxes, getting ready for the moving truck.

This is the backyard! Imagine our delight finding these huge, wonderful trees in Florida?

That is my studio window, from the outside above - and the inside, below!

we are blessed

I have one last commitment art-wise that I will be working on when I need a break from boxing up. It is already started and I look forward to working on it. I'll be back for that, but if I am otherwise scarce, now you know why!