paddling to Gilligan's island

This was my view from under the shade of mangrove trees yesterday, when we stopped for a rest from paddling. After weeks of packing, moving and now, unpacking and organizing, I told Steven I was ready for a break! The conditions have to be good for paddling one of our canoes around here, so I requested the next time the wind and the tides were right, for Steven to take me out with him. He said, "I know, we can paddle to Gilligan's island." That sounded like fun! This is a deserted island in the Perico Bayou, not far from our new home. We left the shore around 2 pm and returned around 4pm, so it was not too hard a paddle.

I find the Florida sky amazing . . .  click on any photo for more detail.
the water is beautiful, and the fish are literally jumping!
The cormorants were drying their wings after diving under water -wild!
This is Gilligan's island!!
My dad's handmade boat is beautiful and serves us very well.

We made it to the island, and then promptly went swiming! 

* happy paddlers *

white egret: a common sight for me now.
Trailering the beautiful boat back home . . . 
Till next time!