skinny page for debby, mmm!

I made this "skinny page" (4" x 8") for Debby Harriettha as part of our monthly exchange of pages through the Oh My Gothic yahoo group. Debby gave us our free choice in the theme, but I know she favors vintage and she also hoped her book would be colorful! We make these pages for our partner for that month, and when the exchange is over we will have a large number of pages to bind together and make a skinny book! 

My skinny page for Debby was done on a piece of watercolor paper cut to size with the binding planned for the top of the page. The black & white page shown first reflects a lot of what I have learned lately by taking Mary Green's Collage Coterie Online Workshop. If you have been reading regularly you've already heard me rave about this class!! The more colorful vintage side of the page uses an image from the 1898 Lucile calendar, available as a download from Mary at Green Paper Packages. I've also employed my watercolor crayons and pigment powders.
Time is tight for me now as we'll be moving September 20th, but I still need to make art and I still have a technique swap due Sept. 30th, so I will still be around some! I will have 2 new posts tomorrow on my other blog to share Donna Butcher's and Lisa Mallette's artwork for that technique swap. You can tune in to see their work here: creative swaps.
Thanks, and wish me speedy and palatable packing! I need it, with only about 2 weeks to get it done. Fortunately, we have a lot less stuff than when we left Connecticut and, some of it is still in boxes!!