ATCs and animoto rock!

As you might already know, I really enjoy creating animoto videos.
You choose your own photos and music to go with them, arrange the photos and then hand it over to the animoto team who mixes it for you into a video. If you don't like the mix, you can edit and remix, or simply remix for different effects! I like making these videos to share both my artwork and my personal life; its both fun and challenging for me to create them. I have a new one . . .

This animoto video shares the color combo artist trading cards I have made so far this year for colour groupies, a small group of artist friends who exchange ATCs monthly. I hope you enjoy it. You can watch it right here on the blog, but I believe it looks best if you click on the brackets [  ] on the botton right and watch it full size. I have produced this in High Quality so you will have no trouble with the quality. Then just click on the Esc key on your keyboard (top left corner) to return to this screen :^ )

-one of the featured ATCs - Campari & Orange. 
I kept this one, it is one of my favorites! Thank you to the Colour Groupies: Frieda Oxenham, Debby Harriettha, Caryl Hoobler, and next year -Tristan Robin Blakeman will rejoin us!