family, cake & roses

My dad was the first one inside. Everyone came over to see our new home!
My sister Kathy is visiting from Connecticut and yesterday was her birthday! Before we went out to dinner to celebrate, the entire family came over to our new little house in NW Bradenton. Kathy & Ian had never seen it and mom had only seen it with no furniture, before we moved in.

My nephew Ian, me, my dad, my sister Kathy, and my mom with Chloe.

It's really been fun to have my immediate family all together this weekend!
Look at my proud papa with his 2 daughters : )

This is a little blurry, but it's still so much fun to have Steven in the photo with us!

After the birthday dinner we went to Mom & dad's for Kathy's birthday cake. Don't you love my dad's bandanna? This round of chemo made him loose a bunch of hair so he's been sporting this bandanna. I think he looks really cool!
**Happy Birthday Kathy!!** I picked out this cake for her myself and told Kathy could have the entire Rose! (we used to fight over this when we were little). Kathy was amazing and shared it with everyone, gave me part of the rose and a leaf!!!!  ; ^  )

Kathy and Ian are here until Monday and I look forward to spending more time with them this weekend, together with my mom, dad & steven. xoxo