a girl never has enough jewelry, right?

The hanging earring you see, the middle beaded necklace with leaf pendant and the longest necklace on a cord were made by my dear friend, Sharon Borsavage.

close up to show Sharon's beautiful earrings she sent me
"A girl never has enough jewelry, right?"
This is what my dear friend Sharon Borsavage said to me in a note she wrote when she sent me the beautiful beaded necklace I'm wearing AND also so very sweetly enclosed a beautiful set of earrings to match. Isn't it true? Never enough? I already have a number of pieces Sharon has made that she has given me, we've traded or I've bought, not to mention jewelry I have that was made by other dear friends of mine. I certainly don't mind more! I also have had many pieces given to me with love by friends and family, like the amethyst necklace you see me wearing (always) that my dad gave me. I even wear jewelry that I've made myself, so I have to agree with Sharon, never enough! To see close-up pictures of the necklace Sharon made that I fell in love with and just had to have, please go here: Livewire Jewelry. To see more of the beautiful jewelry Sharon makes that she has for sale, visit her etsy site (that is where I purchased the necklace). You will be really glad you did! Thank you so much, Sharon. I absolutely love my necklace(s) and earrings!!