mail art

I love mail art . . . can you tell? These are just some of the mail art envelopes and postcards I've done over the past year or so.

click to view each on individually, if you wish: 1. mailart2, 2. Cat Envie 4 Caroline, 3. Mail Art -for carol, 4. Mail Art, 5. Mail Art, 6. Mail Art, 7. Front of envelope 4 Teri, 8. mailArt-Frieda3.09.10, 9. envelope for carol

In fact, I love mail art so much that I have written a 22 page lesson on it! This lesson is part of your registration for the new swap I have recently announced on my creative swaps blog. It does not matter if you are new to mail art or if you create artful envelopes & postcards all the time . . . we hope you will join us! We have 29 wonderful artists registered already from all over the world, so it is sure to be a grand exchange. You only need to create 3 mail art pieces and get them delivered to me by December 4th, so it will not be a difficult swap. Extra bonus: I will be creating a mail art envelope for everyone who completes the swap, so what are you waiting for? : ^ ) visit creative swaps for all of the details . . . see you in the mail!