my first trip in starfish

Starfish is the sailboat my husband and father rebuilt earlier this year. I had yet to go out in it as I wanted Steven to shake it down and get comfortable sailing his new boat before adding anything to it, like adding me as a passenger, someone who is not that experienced sailing, to the mix! Well, the time was right, the winds were right and the tides were right, so off we went! Here is a photo of us underway . . . I love it!

Then, some photos starting at the dock . . .  we have to trailer the boat a short distance from our new home.
setting up the 2 masts and the sails steven created out of Tyvek.

almost ready to go . . . .

"the miracle of science" - It makes me smile that he did this!
The bamboo masts were cut down from my dad's yard : ^)

we sailed to De Soto park where we often walk the dogs! 

We did run into some Pirates . . . .   ; ^  )

We had fun! Did you notice the "windows" he cut in the sails?

Can you imagine? Steven often sails StarFish standing!
He says he can see better and it is often better that way for his back.

Back at the dock, wrapping up the sails. Even though we had brought the electric motor along, we never used it ONCE!! We even sailed away from and back to the dock, wow. I think Steven knows what he is doing!

Since I am not that used to sailing, I must admit it was a little scary at first. You are in a small boat and I did not have much control over the situation. But Steven is an excellent captain, extremely knowledgeable sailor & boat person, so I soon became comfortable. It was a beautiful trip. We left our house at around 4pm and were home by 7pm, with a nice break on the beach at De Soto. I so look forward to doing it again!
10/23/10 - more photos of the journey here!