new blog header

I like to change my blog's design a lot, I think . .  . I imagine it is just another creative outlet for me. Recently, I've received a number of lovely comments about my new blog header (thank you!) so . . . I thought I would share the entire collage with you. I created this about 2 years ago and the original post about it can be found here. It describes some of my techniques. I started this as a demo piece in a class I was teaching in CT, then finished it as part of my online collage on canvas workshop. I framed it because I thought I might sell it, but it is still with me! Although, it is packed in a box somewhere . . . . since I have not seen in in person for about a year and a half it will be a joyous occasion when I unpack it and hang it up. Have a great weekend -- I am very happily working in my sketchbook (!!) and will be back with a peek at that before long . . . . 

Since posting this, my friend Denise asked HOW I made the header & so I thought I would answer right here. Just skip this if you are not interested!! You need to be signed into your blog, first. Then click on "Design" top right in the navbar (navigation bar). You will see the name of your blog with (Header) after it and a link below it to the right that says Edit -click on that. Once there, you will see the blog title (you can change it or leave it) and a space for a description - that is where I have typed "the art and life of lenna young andrews". Then you can choose if you want the title and description to be: a) behind the image b) instead of the title and description (no words, just image) or c) - the description after the image. I usually choose the first choice: a) and then work with the template designer and the different fonts available to get the title placed where I want it. Sometimes, I choose b) - if I have used a program to add text to my image and so I don't need the title & description showing. Next, you'll see: Image. If you have an image uploaded already you will see "remove image" underneath it. Click on that if you wish to change it . . . and you will see where you can upload a file from your computer or from the web. I always choose one from my computer and have located it before I start this, so I know where to look for it! I also resize it to a good size before I go to upload it. For me, I find something around 850 x 350 pixels or 900 x 500 pixels works for my blogs. It's probably easier if you know how to size your photos. Every computer works differently . . . it is best to get someone local to show you how. 

I think I owe it to my son Decklin, who got me started working with email, websites, files and photos online, way back in 1994. He always told me, "you won't break it mom! Just try it!". It took me a while to feel confident but now I am. If you don't like what you have done, you can change it!!!! It is always good to have a back up of your blog before doing any major changes. I hope this helps. For me now it is a matter of how do I do this? then I search for answers. Google Help has a lot of answers. You can do it, be brave!