paddle to snead island

Steven did this trip solo, as it was a bit longer than I would typically do with him; 5 nautical miles. But I enjoyed his photos so much, I thought I would share them here with you. He put in his canoe at the 59th street boat ramp which is just down the street from us now. This is not just any canoe! The canoe he was using is what he calls, "his Jeep"; the 11 ft long wee lassie cedar strip/fiberglass single man canoe my father made for him in 2006. This canoe is beautiful, strong, and only weighs about 25 pounds. Effortless for Steven to get around in by himself. Mind you, we have 3 other gorgeous canoes and a strip built sprit rig sailboat dad handcrafted in our backyard right now. Not to mention the 15 1/2 ft 'beach crusin' cat catch rig sailboat steven & my dad rebuilt recently. I guess I should not even mention the closed canoe and 'squirt' boat Steven still has from his whitewater days . . . .  :  ^  ) It is no wonder I call him things like water rat and boaty boy!  -Click on any photo for a larger version.

He is travelling on the Manatee river

Herons are a common sight for us here

the great white heron

a rest in the shade

yes, we live in paradise now!
This is De Soto National Park where we often walk along the shore.
We'll be going there later this afternoon!

Steven at De Soto national park - he paddled in, instead of walked in!

The orange line is the map of his route, 5 nautical miles.